How to Remove Your Fears and Worries

Fears and worries prevent us from being creative and productive. They suppress our full potential to grow and to mature in time.

When you are afraid of, or worried about, something, your judgment is determined by your desire to get rid of pains and troubles. As a result, all your actions become merely the product of your being risk-averse.

There is nothing wrong in being risk-averse at a certain degree provided that the threat is real.

Risk is part of our life. We can’t get rid of it.

We are not only put in one place at random but are also surrounded by chance circumstances.

We can’t get rid of risk. What we need is to manage it in order to reduce the eventual pain and to increase the greatest possible pleasure. This reality of infinite uncertainty should not trouble us. That's how nature works.

Instead, we must prepare our mind for future surprises so we can better construct an alternative response that can immediately address every potential problem that may come along the way.…

Here Is Why You Need to Get Rid of Anxiety

Anxiety is an excessive uneasiness or worries about the future. It is a psychological problem which is common to people who give too much importance on money, fame, and power.

With regards to fame, not all people really want to become famous. However, many, for sure, want to be recognized by others. Yes, we all need attention, but such need is not necessary in many circumstances.

During infancy, we already have a need for attention. But when our parents attend to us, we become satisfied. The problem is when we start having an endless need for it that we become egoistic and self-centered.

It’s just natural to find pleasure in social approval. You can’t help being happy when people acknowledge or appreciate what you do. You feel happy when people like who you are. We need such pleasure somehow.

But when it becomes your highest need, anxiety sets in. You tend to frequently worry about what people would say to you. And because you have become too obsessed with finding the approval of the…

What Are the Positive Results of Being a Happy Person?

Basically, many people believe that being happy attracts everything good and positive. But this should not be taken literally as there is always exception to the rule considering the fact that happiness is relative.

For instance, an adulterous husband or wife may be happy but is at risk of trouble when caught in the long run, or a happy thief who is successful in running away from the police is surely not attracting a positive consequence.

A genuinely happy person is someone who is at peace and trouble-free. He is free from fears and worries and is enjoying the fruit of such tranquility.

This state of pleasure is enough to be considered as the positive result of becoming happy.

But in the practical sense, you must have been curious about what a happy person can achieve or have that is hardly impossible when you are unhappy. You might have been asking yourself what practical benefits you can get out of being personally happy.

Here are the answers.

When you are happy, it’s easy for you…

How Much Is Enough?

When do you say that enough is enough? Is it when you are overwhelmed? Or is it based on your notion of what is too much?

It’s hard to tell when things are already beyond something unless you have a clear understanding of what is necessary and unnecessary. However, what is necessary for one may not be necessary for another.

For example, too much milk for adult may not be enough for an infant, but an amount of food that is too much for the sick may not be enough for the healthy ones.

Our notion of limit is not only related to what we consume. It is also true in the way we expect things to be.

Our expectation of what ought to happen in the future tends to become our comfort zone in the present. And our comfort zone becomes a necessity.

Take for instance our preference for cleanliness. When something is clean, there must no longer be another state such as “cleaner” or “more clean,” yet some people don’t seem to be satisfied with how clean something has been cleaned.

Between necessity an…

How to Be an Epicurean?

Nowadays in this age information, self-help literature is dominating the surface of the internet. There you can find a wide variety of inspirational and motivational teachings and lectures that are said to help you grow as a person.

If you examine them carefully, most of them teach people how to become successful in life. Interestingly, they define success as becoming wealthy or competitive in a given career.

There is nothing wrong in such a direction if it truly makes you happy in your life. However, such teaching is like a double-edged sword. It can make you happy or anxious.

But there is one self-help philosophy that can teach you how to become prudent in handling such endeavor - this is Epucurean philosophy.

If you understand what Epicureanism is, you will also understand that it is not enough you only understand it. You will then find yourself inspired and motivated to apply it because Epicureanism is not just a philosophy but rather a way of life.

So how to become an Epucurean …

Does Money Really Make Us Happy?

Money is without a question an important thing in order to help us in many things that are important as well. Having more of it is said to make our life happy. Not surprisingly, it can also make us very sad and anxious.

If it makes us anxious, why should we pursue making more of it? Is it possible to live without it?

Let’s be honest. In our capitalistic world today, it’s hard to imagine life without money. In fact, we treat it as the answer to whatever we wish for.

However, we need to be careful what we wish for.

Not everything money can buy can provide the pleasure we want. Usually, it produces much more pain in the long run.

This is why we need to be prudent in our decision about where to use it and how much we should keep. There is nothing wrong in gaining millions or billions of it if you are sure that such amount won’t harm you.

The problem is that it is not always the case.

There are two kinds of problems associated with the thirst for possessing lots of money.

1. People who wo…

How Should We Pursue a Happy Relationship?

In all kinds of relationships, happiness is what we ultimately seek. There is no other reason why we should pursue it. It is what nature necessitates us. It is what makes life pleasant for us.

However, in the process of pursuing it, pain and sorrows get in the way.

In fact, some of our miseries in life are caused by relationship problems. We cry when our partner breaks our heart. We get angry when the people we consider friends become our enemies. We become depressed when our love ones betray us. And so on.

Trust issue is what we usually experience when dealing with relationship problems. It hurts when the people we trust cause us pain much more than when our enemies cause the same pain to us.

This feeling of emptiness makes us think that life is absurd, that we can no longer trust anyone, and that solitude is the only way to get rid of such pain and suffering.

On one hand, there is wisdom in loneliness. It is in this state we start to reflect on the world around us. We start to real…