Here Is Why You Need to Get Rid of Anxiety

Anxiety is an excessive uneasiness or worries about the future. It is a psychological problem which is common to people who give too much importance on money, fame, and power.

With regards to fame, not all people really want to become famous. However, many, for sure, want to be recognized by others. Yes, we all need attention, but such need is not necessary in many circumstances.

During infancy, we already have a need for attention. But when our parents attend to us, we become satisfied. The problem is when we start having an endless need for it that we become egoistic and self-centered.

It’s just natural to find pleasure in social approval. You can’t help being happy when people acknowledge or appreciate what you do. You feel happy when people like who you are. We need such pleasure somehow.

But when it becomes your highest need, anxiety sets in. You tend to frequently worry about what people would say to you. And because you have become too obsessed with finding the approval of the people around you, you then become paranoid of rejection.

As a result, you invest too much on whatever makes you look good to others to the point you sacrifice other areas of your existence which have needs to be satisfied as well such as relationships, well-being, comfort, and more. This process, instead of developing yourself, is then destroying you.

Do not become crazy for an abstract image of yours which you can’t live without. Realize that you are already living without it. Therefore, you don’t need to die for it because you don’t need it in order to live.

Unfortunately, many people who suffered from anxiety committed suicide for that reason. Besides, it’s not right to call it reason since it is unreasonable.

Anxiety is produced not only by excessive love for fame or social approval but also by excessive love for money.

It is true that money can buy almost everything, but that does not necessarily mean it is right. In fact, yielding to such reality is wrong.

The problem is that it is a necessary evil since we live in a world where everything has a price. Sadly in this society, happiness is measured by monetary numbers.

Because of this, many people have come to believe in the principle that the more money you have the happier you get. You have to work for money so that money will work for you, and this won’t stop you from working for more money.

What is the consequence?

People become addicted to the idea of wealth as the only means to be happy. They are in ecstasy when they have some, but they get anxious when they don’t get more, let alone they lose some.

Clearly, obsession with money brings anxiety, and anxiety develops into abnormal addiction. This is the point at which you are no longer in control of yourself. Instead, it is the greed, not the need, for money that is controlling you.

Once you lose control of yourself, you become much more worried about some uncontrollable factors such as the uncertainty of the future. With this mindset, you get preoccupied in securing your future at all cost. Hence, you do everything for it at the expense of some other important aspects of your life.

Always remember that life is full of chances. There is a chance you become wealthy. There is also a chance it won’t come true. This means you have to have a mindset that everything does not move along straight line.

Therefore, becoming so much in love with your goal is likely to break your heart. It is because there is a tendency you sacrifice or risk something for nothing the way gamblers waste everything for nothing.

Isn’t it that most gamblers suffer from anxiety? The fact that gambling has a bad connotation is because of the anxiety it produces. The connotation is bad because anxiety is not good.

Anxiety destroys you and the people around you. It destroys your present thereby destroying your future as well. It does this by forcing you to sacrifice what exists to pursue something that does not exist.

Take for instance the thirst for power. The history of humanity will tell us how it has killed millions of people for vain purposes, and everything ended up in disaster.

People who are obsessed with gaining power gain nothing except anxiety. They are willing to destroy others as much as they are unconsciously destroying themselves. At the the end of the day, the power they wish to gain does not give them security and peace of mind.

Anxiety is the result of excessive desire for unlimited rewards of action that is by nature limited. You can’t push your body beyond its limit.

Your mind has no limit, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t limit it. It has to follow the limit of your physical nature. Otherwise, abnormality in your body will result in abnormality in your mind.

How to get rid of anxiety? Satisfy your need, not your greed.

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