What Are the Positive Results of Being a Happy Person?

Basically, many people believe that being happy attracts everything good and positive. But this should not be taken literally as there is always exception to the rule considering the fact that happiness is relative.

For instance, an adulterous husband or wife may be happy but is at risk of trouble when caught in the long run, or a happy thief who is successful in running away from the police is surely not attracting a positive consequence.

A genuinely happy person is someone who is at peace and trouble-free. He is free from fears and worries and is enjoying the fruit of such tranquility.

This state of pleasure is enough to be considered as the positive result of becoming happy.

But in the practical sense, you must have been curious about what a happy person can achieve or have that is hardly impossible when you are unhappy. You might have been asking yourself what practical benefits you can get out of being personally happy.

Here are the answers.

When you are happy, it’s easy for you to smile and laugh. Such feeling is not only exclusive. It is transferable, too.

When have this positive emotion, you make the people around you feel the same thing. When you smile at someone, he or she will probably smile back at you.

On the other hand, anger begets anger. When you have a negative feeling, you will attract negative response from others.

Therefore, a happy person can cause other people to be happy as well thereby creating, or at the very least contributing to the creation of, a happy environment.

Becoming happy also causes productivity. It is because happiness produces motivation to do something and to make it better.

This is not only applicable at work but also at home.

When you have lots of household chores to do, you are dealing with something that is not pleasurable. But if you are happy, you will not only overcome such unpleasant feeling of doing unpleasant things but will also make the result of your work more pleasant than what you may expect.

Usually, happiness is the reward of your hard work. On the other side of the coin, your happiness can further reward you of something else. It makes your hard work easy and your good result much better.

Another benefit of becoming happy is the ability to think clearly and intelligently. Let’s take the reverse situation as an example.

You can hardly make good decisions when you are bursting with anger or too depressed. Consequently, you tend to find your way out of it and get back to yourself through solitude. When you get calm, you will realize that you are in a better shape to make a wise decision.

Tranquility helps you become wise and reasonable, let alone a happy state.

When you are happy, you become fair and just. You consider everything with less bias unlike when you are angry in which you tend to become defensive and one-sided.

When you are happy, your mind is free, and your heart is clean. Therefore, wisdom becomes a necessary result of a happy mind as much as wisdom produces happiness.

The most valuable benefit of becoming a happy person is good health. Although there have been scientific studies conducted that can prove the health benefits of being happy, it is not anymore necessary to know whether or not such studies are valid.

The fact that the opposite of happiness produces stress signifies that becoming happy is beneficial.

Stress is, without a question, the source of many ailments. It causes high blood pressure, hyper acidity, hormonal imbalance, and more. It also causes mental illnesses such as anxiety and depression.

The only thing to effectively eliminate stress is through pleasure and tranquility. This is why, for people who are stressed out, it is recommended to have a break and somehow spend time in pleasure and leisure even at least for a little while.

The point is that if unhappiness such as stress and anxiety causes our health to deteriorate, the opposite, which is happiness, must prevent such deterioration.

This is also true in other animal creatures. A calm elephant lives longer than a restless lion while a happy dog doesn’t seem to get tired as easily as a gloomy cat.

In other words, we pursue happiness not for the sake of happiness but for our well-being. We choose pleasure because it is what our body needs. We limit it when it is no longer naturally necessary for our body.

In a nutshell, everything we do has a reason, and the reason is always what is beneficial for us in the end.

Happiness is not the end benefit. We pursue it because of the benefits it offers, and the benefit of such benefits is pleasure. Therefore, pleasure is the ultimate end of everything we do in life. We shouldn’t deny ourselves of it in order to live a meaningful life.

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